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28th-Oct-2007 03:43 pm - I hate Twizzlers
Lets be honest, guys. I don't give a shit about my LJ anymore. I never even bother to click the tab and open it. I have no idea if any of you have updated, if any of you have cut me from your list, have been happy or sad within the past months. I don't know about anything that's happened.

My LJ days are done. I love you all, but I think it's time I let go.


Remove me from your friends list, block me, I don't care what you do, just break away from this. It'll make your lives easier.

Face it, the era of my 'dieux days' have long passed. The same way uber_kinky_goth did. (I'd like to say those were my 'White Wing days', but I still use my Aleksandros Deviantart ID until now.)

If I ever come back to LJ, it won't be on DIEUX. Trust me.

G'bye guys.

If you ever want to hang, I'm on my DeviantArt everyday. ;3

And the only reason I'm not deleting this journal is because i have to finish posting all my favorite shorts from the Shounen Ai no Bigaku series to shota. I don't know about ANYTHING that's happened.
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